Upstream is a design and print
co-operative, which specialises in environmentally friendly printing.

Is your current printing firm...

Excellent value for money?
Environmentally aware?
A co-operative?
Fully unionised?

If not, why not see if Upstream can save you money and improve your ethical performance?

We have been working with Upstream for the past three years on all of our reports and publicity material.  They have provided imaginative and timely design and printing services and are always ready to accommodate our erratic and urgent demands with a professional and swift response.  Without reservation I have always been impressed with both the quality and the speed of the service provided as well as the overall look of the publications which they have created for us.  To a small charity like ourselves with very limited capacity it is a pleasure to be able to work with an organisation like Upstream which can provide a personalized and professional service and ensure that our publicity materials help us, quite literally to "punch above our weight" in terms of our communications.

Mary Anna Mhina, Executive Director