About Us


Upstream is a print and design cooperative, based in South London, which specialises in environmentally-friendly design and print.

All of Upstreamís workers are union members and all have an equal share in the company, this ensures not only that we take an ethical approach to our design and print work, but that everyone at the company has the same interest in meeting and exceeding our customersí expectations.

Our work isnít just environmentally friendly and ethical but it is also high quality and great value.

Our designers have an extensive knowledge of printing and understand how to make projects that give the maximum effect on the printed page.

We are experienced at working to budgets and are happy to advise you on how to get the end result you want for the money you have available.

We have been using Upstream for our menus and publicity material since we opened in 2004.
Their attention to detail and sensitivity towards sourcing of materials and realising their customers' needs is a great plus point. They always respond promptly to enquiries and request for quotes and deliver with their designated timescale. Add to these points a friendly and personable service, and competitive rates and you have everything you need.

Claire Fisher, Proprietor